Hi everyone, just a quick note to keep you up to date on the progress on our new headquarters. No doubt some of you have seen the activity on the school field today which was very exciting to see and Bob has posted some pictures on our Facebook page for you. It’s great to see some real action at long last. What you saw was our contractor organising the digging of some test holes to establish the condition of the soil, just to make sure it is OK to take the building, together with a site survey to measure the topography of the site.

We have been really busy lately with the planning activity, so far we have been looking at various options for the building and after much discussion and sleepless nights we have agreed that the best option is to use a local building firm. This is Principal Building and Consultancy Ltd, proprietor is Karl Pargetter. Karl is a very experienced builder and has undertaken many sizeable projects around the area so we are safe in his hands.

We’ve had a number of meetings with Karl and I must say Karl is as excited as we are on getting the project off to a start. So far we are working on getting the plans drawn up so we can progress onto getting our planning applications in. Once we have the plans ready we’ll get them on this page for you all to see!

Look out for the sign to be put up on the site of our headquarters……

Group Treasurer

Hut Image - First Dig

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