Cubs meet

at 6:45 to 8:15pm on a Monday evening,

12th Rugby Scout Hut,

Boughton Leigh Junior School

 Wetherell Way,

 Brownsover, Rugby,
CV21 1LT







Cub Scouts are girls and boys who join the section from the age of 7 1/2 years and move on to the  Scout Troop between the ages of 10 1/2 and 11 years.


Our group has a very active Cub Pack.


Our Cubs can be caught doing anything from camping to crafts,

from sports to semaphore.

We often go away camping as a Pack and also as a group,

with the Scouts,Beavers and Explorers.

We visit many places of interest over the year,

these fit in with the badges the Cubs are working on

as well as visits just for Fun and Adventure.



 The Cubs play games which promote Team Work, Individualism and Skills.

They all work towards badges, which they wear on their jumpers.

The Badge work consist of every thing from the Animal Carer Badge, Science Badge, D.I.Y. Badge, Campers Badge, Personal Safety Badge

also  Progressive Badges like the swimming, IT, First Aid,

and musician badges, staged from 1-5.



Cub Scouts can achieve a large and varied range of Challenge & Activity badges that cater for every taste, skill and capability.  

The progressive training scheme leads to the the highest award in Cubs the

 Chief Scout’s Silver Award .



We Never Take The Fun Out Of Achieving


If you would Like to come along and Join the Adventure please use the

“Contact us” option,

one of our leaders will get back to you.