Thank you to the Elliott’s Field Environmental Project

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The 12th Rugby have been selected to receive a grant of £500 from the Elliott’s Field Environmental Project. This will enable us to buy solar panels and batteries to be used when we go camping. This means we will have electricity for lighting and fridges where none is available and without the use of generators. This will greatly reduce our carbon footprint while the young people are out having adventures.

Monopoly Challenge 2015 – Photos

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Here are the photos for each of the teams… You’ll have to wait until Thursday to see who has won!

Team Car

Team Dog

Patrol Expedition Camp 2015

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Some pictures from the Patrol Expedition Camp at Rough Close

How cool do those shelters look.. tempted to build one myself! My hammock is too cosy though 🙂


Nativity Festival 2014

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Good work on some amazing Nativity Scenes from the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts!!!

Making us all feel very festive…


BBQ, Awards and AGM Night

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BBQ Flyer 2014 (JPG)The 12th Rugby End of Year BBQ, Awards and AGM is taking place on Monday 7th July 2014, between 6:30pm and 8pm. Come and join us at the 12th Rugby Scout HQ to celebrate another year of the 12th Rugby!

The AGM Notice can be found here


12th Rugby’s inaugural Scout bike ride 2014!!

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Well done to all the Scouts for completing a 40km (25 mile) bike ride today! Great route, great weather, a great event, and everyone did amazingly well! Big thanks goes out to all those who organised and help make the event a success 🙂

Scout Community Week 2014

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Well done to the 12th Rugby members who attended the Community Day at Brownsover Community School. Loads of great work was completed by everyone, even if the weather did turn against us!

Princethorpe 2014

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Well done to all members of the 12th Rugby who attended the District Scout Camp at Princethorpe this weekend. Sounds like everyone had a great time, and we even won an award for setting fire to the District dining shelter!

Thank you also to all adult helpers who were there this weekend. Without you, these events couldn’t happen.