Thank you to the Elliott’s Field Environmental Project

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The 12th Rugby have been selected to receive a grant of £500 from the Elliott’s Field Environmental Project. This will enable us to buy solar panels and batteries to be used when we go camping. This means we will have electricity for lighting and fridges where none is available and without the use of generators. This will greatly reduce our carbon footprint while the young people are out having adventures.

Rugby Scouts – Chip Shop Challenge

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3.5 miles of distance to cover, and 5 of the best chip shops Rugby has to offer…
There were many chips, bizarre choices of condiments.. and a fair few bemused chip shop owners i reckon!


And here are the results:

  • In last place, with 133 points – Mr Chips
  • In fourth, with 137.5 points – Chip Stop
  • In third, with 152.5 points – Hillmorton Fish Salooon
  • In second, our usual favourite, with 164.5 points – Brownsover Fish Bar
  • But the winner, with a massive 186 points – Extra Fish Bar!!!

Very close.. just  not much in it and the chips were all very good 🙂 Congratulations go to the Extra Fish Bar!

And there you have it. It was a tough job finding the best chip shop in Rugby, but someone had to do it!

Scout Pioneering – 2015

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This half term the Scouts have been learning the odd knot or two and building the odd structure out of wood and rope. Here are a couple of the results!

Scout Pioneering

Monopoly Challenge 2015 – Photos

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Here are the photos for each of the teams… You’ll have to wait until Thursday to see who has won!

Team Car

Team Dog

A geocache for each Patrol submitted!

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4 caches placed, 1 for each patrol – Cobra, Eagle, Panther, Wolf

They have now been submitted to Lets hope they pass review! Keep those fingers crossed…



Scouts Polar Bears!!!

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As part of the Scouts Global Challenge on Climate Change, we made Polar Bears!!!

At least I think they are polar bears…

Polar Bears

Nativity Festival 2014

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Good work on some amazing Nativity Scenes from the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts!!!

Making us all feel very festive…


Remembrance Day 2014

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A little late, but here are the photos from our parade from the hut to Christchurch on Remembrance day…

Fantastic photos I’m sure you’ll agree!